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«It is time to build a new society and to take up the torch of JF Kennedy's,
who fell in Dallas on the 22nd of November, 1963»

Emmanuel Macron Mr. President.

You owe your election to unequivocal commitments: democratic renewal, and a strategy to maintain peace, free speech, equality for men and women, new policies, independent justice, etc. Your commitment comes with the acknowledgment that «the new world order exposes us to terrorism». It is thus responsible for numerous crimes committed in our name, against our will, bringing disarray to citizens facing the confused and so-called democratic future that it wants to create for us.

It therefore really is the time now to build a new society before humanity sees its soul completely destroyed by this oligarchy. It thinks it is just a few steps away from total victory. For two centuries it has been preparing its exclusive domination of humanity. Its methods for achieving its ends are financial and economic slavery, subversion, war, dictatorships and disasters designed to attain ultimate chaos, «the crisis to end all crises» as its advocates say……..and they delight in it in advance! Since 1989 Biosphere for Tomorrow has been preparing the advent of the Civilization of the Third Millennium. It was conceived on the 5th of March 2012 in Athens. For citizens «All is within touch»…….including success! Mr. President, the values that you profess in your profession of faith cannot but be supported by anyone with progress and the general interest at heart. To bring them to fruition, some timely practical proposals would be useful. But it is essential to combine them with a program with global vision, underpinned with clear and coherent strategic choices that respect individuals and their freedom. That is the strength of Biosphere for Tomorrow, which is original in many ways.Our proposals are capable of encapsulating local, national and universal interests whilst being instantly applicable through concrete political actions. The constitutional reforms envisaged can be understood anywhere in the world. Whatever their country or current political system, citizens and leaders will always have the chance to initiate peaceful evolutions. These propositions thus align with the expectations of people tired of hearing repeatedly that liberalism is the only way forward. They bring forceful solutions and open new perspectives. They will allow immense neglected potential, too often neglected until now, to be exploited; for instance, the potential of women. Action must be taken now, whatever the difficulties.We cannot accept the dismemberment and destruction of states by the New World Order. This would be a sure means to seal its domination. On the contrary, we must rebuild. For our aim is to start construction of a new society of peace and progress in the brotherhood and to do that in two or three decades. That is the challenge of our era. Numerous French people want to know if you mean to make happen what you say.

Honorable men and women, such as the esteemed Presidents John Fitzgerald Kennedy and General de Gaulle, have paved the way. They have paid for it dearly. The risks do not inhibit us, we, citizens of the world from picking up the torch of JFK, who fell in Dallas on the 22nd of November in 1963.

This era of peace and progress has been awaited since the dawn of time. Our time, although particularly troubled, is favorable for mobilizing the forces of goodwill and thus for launching this project.In defiance of the powers usurped by dominant transnational forces, it is by powerful constructive action, such as the National Map of the World to eradicate war that we must move forward.

We have to: 1) Take the initiative 2) Map out the new way forward 3) Fix the dates.For all this to start «it would take only a sign» the poet said...A sign from you perhaps? Why not?

There is no doubt that sooner or later a politician will have the courage. This major choice could be the decision of any one of the presidents of any of the current great world powers; or of a responsible person from another nation, smaller but more inspired. This will be a way to place this country in history of humanity in the grand manner. This nation will lie forever in the hearts of the great majority of the citizens of the new world: the builders of the Society of the Third Millennium.

From the Kennedy fraternity to the citizens' fraternity, from Athens to New York, the way will not be easy before the parasites of «Wall City» surrender. But inexhaustible is the breath of men and women of all times, for and against everything, have carried and will carry the highest human values towards progress.

«Great tasks have to be fulfilled to achieve peace justice and understanding among men…...I don't think this country will be at the top of the hill during this administration, but one day it will be and I hope that then they will think that we have played our part» said John Fitzgerald Kennedy. «Everybody is asleep. That will continue ….. for as long as we fail to denounce and put an end to it. (….) So this duty falls to us» stated Charles de Gaulle.

Citizens' initiative now takes control to finish the work started by the Greek people 2500 years ago. The Civilization of the Third Millennium takes off.

Carried forward by established democracy, the aim of these peaceful, systematically non-violent actions is to obtain from governments acknowledgment of the aspirations of the citizens who build and facilitate their deeds. Mr. President, everything is within reach of our hands… and your hands too.

You could have the influence; we will have the numbers and determine the result.From the 13th of May to the 13th of July 2017, you have two months to decide the relevance of this project and to buy into it, having assessed the power and will behind it to make your choice.

Of course you can be a «normal» President, who takes little account of his commitments, of the future of citizens and above all of that of future generations and of the planet. Giving way to the constraints imposed by the oligarchy that currently leads the world could be a «good excuse», given that «everyone is asleep»and has been for so long. Happily you can also be an «extraordinary» President if you commit to one of the greatest adventures: that of subscribing humanity to an era of peace and progress for everyone. On the 14th of July, at the National Festival, we will know whether you have decided to breathe life into your pre-electoral statements.

The strength of the public will follow you and support you with enthusiasm if you give it building permit. The strength of the public will never, on the other hand, give the oligarchy a permit to destroy the biosphere and create further destruction. With such devastation, isn't it even more ridiculous that one of her leaders has pathetically claimed to be doing «the work of God»? Could you convince him to abandon his totalitarian, derisory and morbid whims? Could you show him all the material benefits that could be derived if he would gradually change his actions over 20-30 years? The strength of the public would then have time to place these actions in line with the values and finally healthy economy of the new society. We can hope but it is unlikely. With his usual cynicism and unparalleled cruelty, drunk on power, and with his almost complete domination of the planet, he will try to stifle all those who do not submit to his will.

Is this a reason for accepting the total slavery that the oligarchy is preparing for us?Obviously not! In spite of everything know that we, builders of the new society, will stay faithful to our ideals, to our actions, whatever circumstances and difficulties we encounter. We will never alter our priorities to meet such dictates. We will never be the «wretched» of the oligarchy.

When you go down the Champs-Élysées, next July the 14th, there will be no «wretch» highlighted in white among the Citizen Builders. We are brave and will remain brave for as long as the struggle we face takes. We will never put down our tools before the «Great Work» is finished. We will be motivated as never before to symbolically lay, on this festive day, the foundations stone of the Society of the Third Millennium…..with your endorsement….with you...that is our wish.

(Biosphere for Tomorrow - Jean-François Dottori-Rey de la Cruz alias Dakttari

NB «Think about this paradox. Water ends up wearing away the rock. The mind overcomes physical strength. The weak overcome the strong. Can we learn to achieve the opposite of things, the inside of the outside and the depth of the height» said Lao Tseu (6th century BC).And if the opposite of our future experience allowed us to understand that the darkness of the hardest hearts who want to abolish the freedom of people of goodwill can be eradicated by the light of our times?











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