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It is time to build a new society of peace and progress for all the peoples of the planet

Since 1989, "Biosphère Pour Demain" prepares the advent of the "peace civilization of the third millennium" with a program and strong actions, consistent, adaptable to all regions and all countries. The citizens of the world who wish to improve their institutions and facilitate the work of their leaders can find opportunities to shape a generating society of shared progress, respecting their diversity and limits of the planet, and wellness generator beyond the borders.

Regardless of the political regime in force, these actions, which can be initiated from a region or state, are systematically marked by the seal of civic fraternity, political cooperation and non-violence at all levels.

"Biospherism" is a new way of looking at the political, economic and social future of the Human community. It is a realistic solution to the political wanderings and economic aberrations that marked the twentieth century, generating a deep confusion in our civilizations.

For a criminal oligarchy, in a world of conflicts and spoliations,

that is "liberalism".

But the useful, for citizen builders in a world of peace and sobriety,

it is "biospherism".

Against a reductive and destructive liberalism,

it is time to organize a builder and saving biospherism.

The approach of Biosphère Pour Demain has for ambition

to replace the mortifying policy of the "new world order" by its exact opposite.

The "new world order" is transforming the West into a vector destabilizing the world, for the benefit of its caste. His present goal is to end up arrogating to himself all the powers and thus making the citizens of the world his voluntary servants or his slaves. This oligarchy imposes on us most wars. It acts on behalf of Westerners, against their will. It makes them complicit in incessant country devastation, innumerable murders and humiliations of benevolent peoples.

This self-proclaimed "elite" is guilty of the disarray of the world's citizens in the face of the future of darkness that it draws for them. The hysteria of permanent plunder and limitless waste is constantly gaining ground among those who take advantage of wars and their dominant positions to have more and more power. Basing its profits more on finance and destruction than on shared progress, its "leaders" look forward to a new global confrontation and the nuclear twilight they want to impose on humanity ... And also therefore to their own children and descendants !

«It’s the tragedy of our times that lunatics must lead the blind » wroteWilliam Shakespeare.

This time has arrived!

With the will of brave peoples and inspired leaders, it is hoped that the first signal to inaugurate the society of the third millennium can come from a country of the South or a great nation in full development. It is unlikely that a Western country, enfeebled in its ties with the financial oligarchy and the war industry, could at once embrace new values of peace and progress for all peoples. On the other hand, it is certain that with the approaches presented below, it will be very possible for regions with a sharp political conscience, in the West and elsewhere, to invest themselves to find their true place in their country, which will be regenerated and energized by their positive actions.

These regions can only be strongly motivated to transform their desire for independence into that of being at the origin of the profound transformation of their country with which the will to march towards a common goal will quickly win over discord and divergences.

They will thus be able to make their mark on the civilization of the third millennium thanks to an active participation whose objective is to inspire the construction of a new society of peace and progress in the fraternity, and this, in two or three decades.

This is the challenge of our time, it is urgent to meet it, because the biosphere is really in great danger.

Innumerable civic actions are carried out with courage everywhere on the surface of our globe.

Others are born regularly. Faced with the precariousness of the situation, the refusal to act or the powerlessness of many leaders, more and more responsible citizens have been at work for a long time. They are committed to denying the future they are being prepared for.

It will take a powerful sign across the continents to see them collaborate effectively, and together get up.

Strongly rejecting the third world war that we want to impose on us is therefore the top priority.

The call made by Biosphère Pour Demain to the French president, Emmanuel Macron (copy attached), has remained unanswered ... for now. Yet many of our proposals fit with his pre-election concerns. They meet many of its commitments. Perhaps he is expecting the support of other national leaders and thus finding ways to engage and put into practice the important proposals, such as those concerning peace?

These are the ones that are set aside first by newly elected politicians.

It must be recognized that it is very difficult for the leaders of a state, Western or not, to ignore all the links, not to mention all the chains, which hinder their actions.

This is even more true when they are considering promoting peace and moving beyond the framework set by the oligarchy.

The dramatic and destructive consequences are known to all. The examples are not lacking.

The points of tension have multiplied everywhere, between nations and peoples for decades. A new global conflict can be triggered at any time.

Despite this dark picture, all is not lost, quite the contrary.

Biosphère Pour Demain, in addition to its complete program, has put in place a clear strategy to circumvent this immense difficulty. With the validation of its proposals by a first region or a first country or even a brave first leader, this initiative could quickly launch the process in a powerful way, because, now, the time is pressing.

The purpose of this presentation is not to detail our program, obviously perfectible, mentioned in the open letter addressed to the French President and available on the site www.biosphè

The aim is to put forward a political strategy that responds to the urgency of the moment and to the interest of regions or states to invest in a long-term perspective in order to instil a constructive dynamic.

The actions planned to bring peace and disarmament to the world's financial powers will be the catalyst. Then, these actions will be able to open the way, in cascade, in all the fields of activity, to a future of progress widely shared by the peoples of the planet.

To achieve lasting peace, it is important to act at the same time on two levels at a time; regions and nations.

The "World Nation Plan" of Biosphère Pour Demain is adaptable to both entities. It will obviously be more difficult to find, in the short term, a national leader capable of educating and mobilizing his people for an innovative project to the point of obtaining validation by a very large majority.

This is still not impossible given the powerful demand for renewal of citizens face the dark future promised by the new world order.

Some countries of the South, animated by a real democratic force, could also be the first examples, as well as the regions of various countries carrying a strong political conscience. It is probably through them that we can find the maximum potential for launching such a movement.

Biospherism offers the means to find a fraternity of heart across borders by building step by step in consultation a new society for a third millennium of progress and peace.

All of these potentialities can then be developed with other states truly listening to their peoples who all aspire to a better life.

Thus, in a short time, it is possible to change the course of history.

This positive global vision is supported by practical choices summarized below in a few lines.

The "World Nation Plan" is an international peace pact between an independent State and the community of countries that have chosen to become "Nations of Peace". It must be validated by at least 2/3 of the electors.

This group of States would jointly manage border security and the legitimate interests of all participating countries.

This country would definitively renounce the use of the atomic weapon. It would invest the military forces of the new community of peaceful countries at its disposal, first and foremost to defend the respect of the biosphere in all its aspects and therefore the vital interests of the citizens of the world.

The forces would be directed alternately by a soldier appointed by the president of each of the signatory countries.

The pooling of these national forces would reduce defence budgets by 3 to 5 percent a year by emphasizing disarmament and the fight against pollution caused by the use of arms for more than a century.

The acceptance of the Plan Nation of the World by the first states would certainly trigger a vast movement of approval around the world. There is no doubt that even in a few years the citizens of the most bellicose countries would find the courage to impose on their leaders the end of the arms race and the reorientation of expenditure in this area.

The reorientation of military means of research into peaceful activities, such as the conquest of Mars, would give the initiating countries of the movement a powerful political, social and economic impetus.

It would also promote the learning of sobriety, essential quality that must be mastered globally so that all humans can, in a few decades, live in decent conditions on our planet.

To ease relations between a sovereign state and a region that wants more autonomy, any country could sign a tripartite pact with that region and the international community. At the same time as states, regions can play a prominent role in the history of civilizations.

The other option is going to certain regions.

First and foremost, those around the world who have a strong political conscience.

Even if the country that administers them is under the morbid influence of the new world order, it will be possible to launch mobilization actions to make all the citizens of these highly exposed nations aware that there is another choice than liberalism.

Especially that the dangers are real, even if some are well hidden, such as those of currency war, corruption or weakness of many decision makers still under the influence of lobbies, whose purpose is often to take the lead. 'ascendancy over elected institutions.

Also, the important points concern the preservation of identities and security in the face of the dangers brought by the financial industry, the all-powerful transnational corporations and the cruel military-industrial sector which almost completely manages the foreign policy of the most bellicose countries.

With an elected assembly, the region would have the power and responsibility to implement a program comparable to that provided for independent countries.

The armies present in the region would come under the authority of the international commission, under the same conditions as those provided for an independent country.

The police forces present would have the sole objective of maintaining order. They would be under the authority of the regional assembly.

Catalonia can give this momentum under the eyes of other peoples of the world. For the moment, it is from Corsica, whose political organizations have decided to renounce violence, that is given the first impulse.

In Corsica after a broad information campaign, the actors of this movement will try to validate the political project of Biosphère Pour Demain by the Corsican regional assembly.

Among other things, we can note the project of creation in the city of Corte of an "international arbitral tribunal and citizen".

It will be responsible for judging the attacks, whether ecological or contrary to the interest of the people, brought to the biosphere by economic activities too harmful.

It is the citizen counterweight to the omnipotence of money in commercial relations, which has materialized through the creation of private courts serving multinationals in agreements like CETA.

In the event of success in the local referendum, the French government will be asked to attribute to Corsica the status of "Biosphere Region", with the rights and duties that go along with them, explained below.

Thus, region after region, gradually, the country could ultimately make the choice to sign the World Nation Plan and enter through the big door in the third millennium.

From this day of 9 September 2017, from Corsica, a movement spreads these principles to make the continental French aware that a new era can illuminate the future of our country and our planet of these fraternal values. This will be the initiative of the Corsicans that the choice to bind enthusiastically and forever with the metropolis will be recorded.

A France that will not have forgotten, as in the past, the highest values of the Republic, with, certainly, now a different order of priority: fraternity, equality and freedom.

France has conquered the land of Corsica by force of arms.

La Corse peut conquérir le cœur de la France par la fraternité des âmes.


Catalonia could be the next region which, instead of choosing an independence with uncertain consequences, might prefer to become a "Biosphere Region" and federate as ever a large part of the Catalans and attract the interest and sympathy of all Spaniards.

Thus, with the agreement of the Government of Madrid, all police or military forces would be under his authority to participate in the actions requested by the international community of pacified countries having signed the "Plan Nation of the World". These means would be used for the needs in the region and to preserve the integrity of the biosphere anywhere in the world where it will be needed.

This will be particularly useful in maritime areas that are not under the authority of a country.

Thus, instead of being a region perhaps a little too centered on its own destiny, Catalonia would become the flag-bearer of an enlightened Spain, bringing its stone to the construction of the society of the third millennium.

The region would therefore be recognized for all its qualities in his country and of course in the rest of the world.

It would obtain better status, economic benefits, military protection and freedom of action than with mere independence.

Other political, regional or national entities around the world will probably then draw inspiration from these first steps. These actions will certainly support each other and create a common movement that could boost comparable projects in areas of mistrust or the law of arms, such as the Golan Heights, Northern Ireland, the Basque Country, the Ukraine, Tibet, Kurdistan and many others.

Citizens whose democratic choices are flouted would thus have an open door to shaping their nations with these values ... Western peoples would not be the last to benefit.

These political actions would have a beneficial impact. The spirit that animates them would only strengthen and develop. It would stimulate all humans of good will, who beyond centuries past and borders, believe in fraternity as cement of civilization.

Everything is at hand for dynamic regions as well as for nations listening to their peoples; we must not doubt it.

Women and men of honor, famous or not, have prepared this path, like John Fitzgerald KENNEDY and General Charles de GAULLE.

The difficulties and uncertainties must not prevent us from taking over the torch of JFK, fallen to Dallas in 1963.

Even among American citizens, many are aware that in the next serious upheaval, whether economic or political, the myth of the eternal enrichment of the richest promised by high finance will end in a crash. It will be all the more violent as the trust in these billions of debt-money, manufactured every day from nothing, quickly evaporates.

Taking the lead, quickly, is more necessary as no coherent policy capable of cleaning up the situation is on track. Neither can be engaged by Western professional politicians.

The only solution for these narrow-minded leaders and the conscience polluted by mediocre interests will be to fully activate the war economy.

With this much-feared and close-to-large-scale nuclear confrontation, this self-proclaimed "elite of the world" caste is ready to send the youths of the planet into the most abominable confrontation of history.

It is up to us, responsible citizens, to give the world the starting signal for the entry of humanity into this era, long overdue, where nations will no longer learn the war by giving to democracy, born in Greece 2,500 years ago, its letters of nobility.

Others, like Akhenaton and the great conquerors, in their time and for the motivations of their time, realized the impossible with mainly the strength of their ideals.

Why should we not make a conquest, certainly even greater but peaceful, while the values that are at stake now synthesize the highest aspirations of all peoples?

The procedures proposed by Biosphere Pour Demain, and mostly the Plan Nation of the World, only require willingness and courage to begin to change life on the surface of the globe for humans of good will, and all others as well.

If the proposed program is validated by a first people or a national leader, after having possibly amended, the enthusiasm that will stimulate them will be contagious. Empowering women is important for the program to have a truly powerful impact.

Those who understand the significance of this new era will look at these regions and nations differently.

They will certainly see these lands as a new business Eldorado, but also as a new land for the expression of the thought and spirit of the third millennium that protects the planet.

Inevitably, other peoples will be inspired by it and will also make their mark on the history of humanity. This will only materialize through a global success that can very well be achieved in a generation's time.

Everywhere in the West and elsewhere, citizens are ready to stand up. They are waiting for a sign.

This decision, each of us can work to encourage its leaders to take it. It will be, and will remain, the greatest political fact in the history of humanity, as long as it is.

Biosphère Pour Demain - Jean-François Dottori-Rey de la Cruz, as know as Dakttari.


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